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"Breathe with Trees" Painting - available

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One with Mother Nature, one with our Planet Earth.  This painting was inspired by my ritual of practicing yoga in the woods and offering up my breath and energy to the surrounding trees, who kindly recycle it back for me.  Through my art and other endeavors I am reconnecting people with their wonderful planet.


Title: "Breathing with the Trees"

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 24x30 inches.

Price: $650



Original Acrylic on Canvas Paintings

My lively and bold paintings are created with acrylic on canvas.  Some originals are available for sale.  I do not offer them for sale online because they are often out of my hands on exhibit and I want to avoid selling the same painting to more than one person.  If you are interested in an existing painting or if you would like to commission an original of your own, please contact me at erakuzmeskus@msn.com   Also, check out my “Commission Price List” on this website.