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Yoga:  I am teaching my Deliciously Juicy Kripalu Yoga Classes again to Relax and Invigorate You in 2015!  Check out the schedule on my Yoga page or call (860) 416-9110 Namaste!

Art: I am sending my art all over the World in 2015 - Spreading the Joy! Shop for my oringinal paintings, prints and cards on my Art Page

Music:  Click on Music for streams, downloads, cds and more info or find me on facebook Check out my Events page to find out where I will be performing.  Listen to my 2 albums - soulful acoustic grooves - Erin Earth Spinning Free and Positivity Here:   


What I believe in...

Joy, harmony, PEACE & LOVE, creativity, making MUSIC, oneness, magic, healing, dogs and cats living together, goodness, organic food, nature, Mother Earth, the abundance of the universe, you get what you give, you get what you ask for, change is possible, our efforts matter, life is good, it is amazing we are even here and get the chance to be, myself, manifestation, fun time, walks, unconventionality, beauty, Truth, Rainbows, my heart, soulful living, reincarnation but live each life to the fullest, helping others, teaching, growing or buying yourself flowers, allowing for imperfections, laughing everyday, yoga and dancing, positivity, believing...


Thank you for visiting my site.  Enjoy this one miraculous & perfectly lovely day! 


      Peace, Love & Light to You,

         Erin Earth Kuzmeskus, M.S., Artist, Singer-Songwriter, CKYT, Reiki III