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Erin Kuzmeskus - Art Music Yoga   

For a Happy Planet - www.ElevateTheVibe.net

“I am Blessed with an Infectious Gratitude for Being.  It is totally AMAZING to me that WE are even HERE.  We get to interact, experience, create, and witness such extreme beauty...  For this gift, I feel a great responsibility and desire to ENJOY LIFE and help others Enjoy by sharing my life-long passions of Art, Music, and Yoga.” 

BIO:I grew up a happy kid exploring the hillsides and streams of rural New England; climbing trees, gathering wildflowers, watching the clouds and communing with nature.  As I learned about the world, my love of nature blossomed into a desire to protect it.  I earned a B.S. degree in Wildlife Biology followed by an M.S. degree in Natural Resources Management.  My purpose-driven work that followed took me climbing up mountains, traversing through streams, kayaking between ocean islands, into university and high school classrooms to teach environmental science, and traveling across the USA, down through Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Costa Rica. My idea to grow a holistic career that would foster positive change by sharing my life-long creative passions of art, music, and yoga came when I was home with my babies.  I now spend most of my free time with my partner and kids indulging in our passions, playing music, hiking, gardening and celebrating life and all the abundance our glorious Earth offers. 

ART:My paintings celebrate the beauty and abundance of our planet and the wonder of life itself.  I fell in love with painting in my teens when I painted on my first canvas; I have been exhibiting and selling since 2005.  Painting feels to me like a glorious exhalation of the mind and soul; I paint joyfully either outside by sunlight and birdsong or inside by candlelight and loud music while dancing.  My paintings are whimsical and full of color, because that is how I see the world in my mind’s eye.  My subjects include flowers and trees, birds, insects and animals, nature spirits, earthscapes, dreams, symbols, and the universe.   I use non-toxic color-fast acrylic paint on archival stretched canvas and then create archival prints and cards from the originals.   I offer workshops in “Free-Style Painting”, “Co-creative Cosmic Gem Painting”, and a combined yoga art experience called “Chakra Yoga and Painting Joy”.  Kind folks who have collected and commissioned my paintings have told me that they “inspire smiles and uplift the heart” and “bring light and sunshine into any room”.  I create custom paintings from colors, words, feelings and images.  I also paint beloved pet portraits.  As the artist I retain all copyrights and reproduction privileges for all of my artwork, inspired and commissioned, pre- and post-sale.  Reproduction sales will make the original more valuable.

MUSIC:  I write positive uplifting songs in celebration of the Earth, the Universe, Life, and Love!  My music is danceable, covers several genres, and is enjoyed by people of all ages.  I perform at festivals and venues in New England and I am expanding my touring. My influences include many live performances by many great bands from an early age to the present, my dad and uncles guitar playing and in-depth vinyl sessions, various rock, folk, blues, reggae, soul, funk, bluegrass, jam, grunge, punk, ska, etc.  While studying Environmental Science in college, I played guitar and sang covers and few originals at venues in RI and CT just for fun. I had a musical explosion in 2009 when my 2 babies became busy toddlers and I found it easier to pick up my guitar than get my messy paints out.  I wrote at least 20 songs, started performing at festivals and other venues, put out a live cd in 2010 and put out my first studio cd, "Positivity" recorded 2011, and a 2nd under the name Erin Earth called "Spinning Free" in 2012, both at Mojo Audio in Easton, NH.  In 2017 I released a rough album called "Raw Honey" of songs I recorded myself outside with the crickets during a tumultuous life change in 2014. I am looking to collaborate with other artists, play some larger venues, promote my music, and increase the Positivity of the Planet in the process.

YOGA:  Teaching people of all ages and abilities as a Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher since 2006, my yoga practice began as the Sun Salutation prelude to my morning walk - handed down to me from my mother as a baby.  I studied martial arts during my teen years, earning 2nd Degree Black Belt in Kenpo and teaching my own classes.  While earning my MS in Natural Resources and teaching undergrad conservation courses, I delved into African Dancing, studying with Abdoulaye Sylla.  When I moved to NH, I was recovering from shoulder surgery from a (non-yoga) sports-related injury.  I decided to begin my yoga practice again to get the strength and flexibility back in my shoulder, so for inspiration I took classes with all of the great teachers I could find in the area.  As my yoga practice deepened and my shoulder healed completely, I found myself teaching yoga to my friends and the high school students I was responsible for teaching chemistry to.  I decided to officially become a yoga teacher and pass on the gifts.  I chose Kripalu yoga because I felt the best - grounded, relaxed, and energized - after class with Kripalu Yoga teacher Sarah Doucette.  I offer gentle and invigorating Kripalu yoga classes and workshops to custom-fit the needs of any group.

Contact- Please contact me to talk about scheduling private or group yoga classes and workshops, art exhibits, musical performances, distribution opportunities, and collaborations. 

www.ElevateTheVibe.net  –   artmusicyoga@gmail.com  –  860-416-9110

Facebook: Erin Kuzmeskus Art Music Yoga   – 471 Tunxis Ave. Bloomfield, CT 06002