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??Breathe - Stretch - Let Go - Energize - Smile - Namaste!

I am a certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher.  "Kripalu" means compassion; by practicing Kripalu Yoga one learns to be more compassionate towards their own self as well as towards other beings and our planet.  My classes are designed to be gentle and invigorating and are suitable for all ages, levels of ability, and body types.  One is never "too stiff" or "too inflexible" or "too old" to begin the rejuvenating practice of yoga.

Please contact me at artmusicyoga@gmail.com or call 860-416-9110 if you would like to schedule a private class or workshop in your home, school, or business.  
Some Potential Benefits of Practicing Yoga 
Balance and wellness, muscle strength and tone, flexibility, better posture, increased lung capacity, decreased muscle and joint pain, weight loss, increased metabolism, body awareness, mind awareness, patience, self discipline, compassion for yourself and others, peace, powerful concentration, emotional healing, clarity in purpose
Everyone is welcome! Call (860) 416-9110 for more information.